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19 November 2005 @ 09:57 pm
First Assignment  
My first assignment was to photograph "keeping busy"...

I was thinking about ways that people keep themselves busy, to distract them. This photo was based on the postsecret website as well as the postsecret community. I remember reading something someone had posted anonymously, someone had said the only way they can get themselves through their day was thinking of ways to kill themself. That was their way of keeping themself busy, even though they probably never would actually kill themselves.

I did not stand on the end of the building because I wanted it to symbolize how the person does not want to kill themselves or commit to it, but the thought is with them every day.
The windows to me seem like people could be living inside the building with the curtains and such, and yet it has a very isolated feel to it, like how I imagine the person this is based on never told anyone how they get through their day, and feels isolated.

--- Donna ---
Current Mood: awake
Current Music: Voltaire - Feathery Wings
Screwtape's evil twinobject001 on November 20th, 2005 08:57 pm (UTC)
Thats really thoughtful. I like the location alot.

Did you take the photo or is that you in it? Of some sort of trick photography!?!?

(ps Post secret is a wonderful place to go for inspiration)
~protagonist2091 on November 22nd, 2005 05:05 am (UTC)
yeah, that's me in the picture. My friend took it for me, she was scared to go up there o_O

Thanks for the comment!