The Emperor of Ice Cream (emotivating) wrote in photo_mayhem,
The Emperor of Ice Cream

Why should I be exempt?

The leaders walked through the crowd, out in the darkness

tell us why you created this community:
As I’ve been proclaiming in the promotions “Photo_Mayhem is a new community which has a primary focus on artistic incentive and expression.
Currently the medium of art that we will we try to stick to is digital photography. We hope to capture the certain essence of aspects of life and how this is perceived subjectively.”

Tell us where you reside:
Sydney Australia.

Tell us what you do:
At the moment I’m undergoing the trials ad tribulations of an Education/Arts degree at Sydney University.
I used to write, creatively. Maybe I’ll get back into that, time permitting.

Tell us where you heard about the community:
A conversation with bitspike brought on the idea of an artistic photography club.
And here we are…

How are everyone's homework assignments coming along?
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