June 18th, 2005


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Tell us why you want to join: I find it a novel (excuse the concept) idea, to use the medium of visual arts to try to capture that which is beyond words..
Tell us where you reside: Pennsylvania, USA
Tell us what you do: 21 year old college student
happiness in slavery

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Tell us why you want to join: I'm a Fight Club addict, and the idea of a photo community thats spawned off the Project Mayhem idea is an interesting one. Challenges are nice.
Tell us where you reside: Tampa, Florida
Tell us what you do: Spend way too much time on Live Journal
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We are the all singing, all dancing, crap of the world.

Welcome to my moderated community. Once I establish a member base I will explain more. You will refer to me as Jack and to Bitspike as Tyler.

Photo Mayhem Rules:
The first rule of Photo_Mayhem is: You must promote Photo_Mayhem.
The second rule of Photo_Mayhem is: You must promote Photo_Mayhem.
Third rule of Photo_Mayhem: Someone joins, posts info, submits an assignment, they are a member.
Fourth rule: Only one assignment to a photo.
Fifth rule: Photos must be specifically taken for an assignment.
Sixth rule: No flaming, no unapproved advertising
Seventh rule: lj-cut posts may go on for as long as they have to.
... And the eighth, and final rule: If you just joined Photo_Mayhem, you have to post.

We'll post an update once we've gotten things up and running.
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... i am jack's co-moderator

tell us why you want to join:

i don't think i've seen a community with the same kind of direction this one seems to be going in.  i have a hard time motivating myself to do anything creative lately, so doing the occasional 'homework assignment' would be a great help i imagine.

i'd like to see this work, as i see it being able to benefit many in a similar situation to me.

... and to top it all off, i have been accepted to help moderate this community.  i'll try and do a good job at it.

Tell us where you reside:

sydney, australia.  more specifically, a share house with two people i don't know so well.  i spend much of my time in my room, but occasionally venture out to the suburbs around the newtown area.

Tell us what you do:

i am somewhere in the middle of a software engineering course at the university of sydney.

in my spare time i like to write 'creatively', photograph random objects or places, and try to understand more about how my computer works.  i am quiet, have the occasional quirks most people would consider odd, and... well, there is always more, but i'll stop here.

Tell us where you heard about the community:

my interest was immediately sparked by reading an entry in emotivating's journal.