June 21st, 2005

Why should I be exempt?

The leaders walked through the crowd, out in the darkness

tell us why you created this community:
As I’ve been proclaiming in the promotions “Photo_Mayhem is a new community which has a primary focus on artistic incentive and expression.
Currently the medium of art that we will we try to stick to is digital photography. We hope to capture the certain essence of aspects of life and how this is perceived subjectively.”

Tell us where you reside:
Sydney Australia.

Tell us what you do:
At the moment I’m undergoing the trials ad tribulations of an Education/Arts degree at Sydney University.
I used to write, creatively. Maybe I’ll get back into that, time permitting.

Tell us where you heard about the community:
A conversation with bitspike brought on the idea of an artistic photography club.
And here we are…

How are everyone's homework assignments coming along?

(no subject)

Tell us why you want to join: As a huge Paulihniuk fan and something of a photo nerd, I have had a dry spell of inspiration. I have been looking for people to give me a jumping off point to create from.
Tell us where you reside: Eastpointe, MI. About 12 miles East of Detroit.
Tell us what you do: Work at Blockbuster, act, go to Wayne State University (studying acting), read, play in a pop rock band, take pictures, drink coffee, smoke cigarettes.
Tell us where you heard about the community: Paulihniuk community.
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    The Beach Boys-I Get Around.
dark curtains

(no subject)

Tell us why you want to join: I enjoy photography and I enjoy all things Fight Club so it seemed like a good harmony

Tell us where you reside: The Chicagoland area

Tell us what you do: student w/ interests in writing, photography, music and reading

Tell us where you heard about the community: emotivating in the _intylerwetrust community

(no subject)

Tell us why you want to join: I love fight club and photography and feel like I need a push to do something unusual and more creative than what I'm used to.
Tell us where you reside: Texas but will move to the Chicago area soon.
Tell us what you do: I will be starting my first year of college in september.. other than that, I like photography, writing, reading, painting, sleeping, and bitching about the world
Tell us where you heard about the community: emotivating gave me a link in one of my lj posts.

community update

in three days, much has happened.

we have reached fifteen members, six of whom have been given an initial assignment.  as soon as other members submit an introductory entry, we can give them a task.

the userinfo page has been drastically changed since sunday.  if you were an early member and have not checked it out since then, the extra information may be if interest to you.

the community has been advertised in various places, facing various reactions from other users.  thank you to all who have been willing to give photo_mayhem a chance.

as for near future plans, once we have a few more members on their initial assignment, and once some have been completed, we will post our first open assignment.  (for more information on assignments, read the relevant section on the user info page)

both e and i have been pretty busy with our hectic assessment weeks at university.  however, there doesn't seem to be that much required of us here at the moment, with the exception of our own initial assignments and allocating more to new members.  i think we will get lucky and have free time, just as there are assignment rounds to organise.

how are everyone's assignments going?  i have made a start, but have so many ideas that i am having trouble deciding on 'one' thing to submit...

... and trouble finding the time.  tomorrow looks promising, however.