July 6th, 2005

Me - Happy Haircut

Initial post.

Tell us why you want to join: I have little creative impetus but I like pretty, interesting, thought-provoking things. Hopefully this will help me with the impetus part. (Sorry to make you all sound so instrumental, I hope that's not insulting.)
Tell us where you reside: Sydney, Australia.
Tell us what you do: I'm doing my Honours in History at Sydney Uni part-time and I'm also a tutor.
Tell us where you heard about the community: hecticred mentioned the community in passing and I came along to check it out. Was consequently intrigued. :)

I'm going on a road trip to outback Australia on Friday, so I doubt I'll be posting/commenting until I get back (around about the 25th of July, when Uni goes back). Hope that's not a problem.