July 20th, 2005


Too tough!

I do love the dear mods of this here community, but...

I didn't like the first open assignment.

There was too much in it, making it too narrow. Something far broader would allow people to put more of their own personality into it rather than photographing something they might not agree with.

I really enjoyed my initiation assignment and I'm looking forward to more weekly assignments... but that one was too hard!

Anyone else with me?

New Member Post

Tell us why you want to join: I've been keeping an eye on the community since it's creation, considering how I would interpret each homework assignment given, and even going so far as to set up a few of them. I finally got up the nerve to join. I take pictures as a hobby. I'm in no way a master photographer, I just like finding interesting things and saving them. After all, the moment is gone forever unless it's preserved somehow, and sometimes, words just aren't enough.

Tell us where you reside: North Carolina, USA. This little town pretends to be something that up until recently I believed it was - famous.

Tell us what you do: I am a student.

Tell us where you heard about the community: I saw a few posts with the photo-mayhem logo in them on some "artistic: communities I keep an eye on. Also, bitspike happens to be on my friends list.
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