August 17th, 2005

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Tell us why you want to join:
I want to join photo mayhem because I don't already have way too much to do, and thought I should add one more artistic medium to my repertoire!

Actually, I have been using my new digital camera a lot lately, and have really enjoyed the new perspective which its given me on my world. So naturally I want to stretch this perspective even more.

Tell us where you reside:
I live in Jacksonville, Florida

Tell us what you do:
I make my living as a Graphic Designer, but I really prefer to work in more tactile media, such as drawing, painting, sewing, sculpture...I also like to write and take pictures of things.

Tell us where you heard about the community:
saw a link to it on emotivating's LJ. But, I have no idea how I came across his page! Must have been luck. Or maybe he made an interesting comment on someone else's LJ...
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apologies, administration, and assignments

this community is not dead... not yet.

the past month has been busy for both moderators, and because the community had not settled into some kind of routine, it was harder to put the effort into maintaining it.

personally, i have had a recent desire to resurrect this community... i just lacked the motivation to make the initial move to do so.

so, with one (university) homework assignment submitted today, i have the time to actually think about where to take it all.


at the time of writing, there are nine* full members, nine* who have been given an assignment, and nine* members who have not yet made an introductory post.

if you are a full member, my deepest apologies for not creating an active atmosphere.  I am going to post another open assignment shortly to keep you, and this community, occupied.. when i say 'soon', i actually mean in an hour or so.

if you are still on an initial assignment (this actually includes me), please feel free to reply to this entry and request a new one.  i understand that particular topics may be harder to work with for different people.  i may actually take myself up on my own advice, as my assignment has been quite difficult for my obsessive, paranoid, mind.

lastly, for anyone who has joined and not made an introductory post, please don't be afraid to.


so, any questions, comments, requests for new assignments (initial, or otherwise), reply to this entry and i will try and respond soon.

edit: if you are requesting a new assignment, it may be helpful for both the new assignment, and deciding on more for others, if you mention what the difficulty was with the original one.  however, this is completely optional.

* fails in his attempts to resist the urge, to note the three repeated numbers... and how they are squares individually... but an overall cube when summed together.

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Open Assignment: Number Zero-Two

This assignment is open to all members who have completed an initial assignment.

Assignment Theme:

Part One:

If there was no way for us to improve, to grow, to learn... there would be nothing for us to aim for.

Show a way which you feel your life to be lacking.

Part Two:

Popular culture is defined by society as a whole.  Ethics, morals, and even beauty are similar in this regard... but there is no reason for you to automatically adopt these traits, these tastes, as your own.

Capture an image of something accepted in society, that you can not understand or agree with.

Part Three:

Something from your childhood which you can never experience again.

Due Date:

Please have your assignments submitted by 23:59 Monday, 29 August (your own local time) so we can begin discussion and reflection on each entry.

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