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 The homework assignment:  use the title of the most recent, non chuck palahniuk, book you have read. 
Your photographic submission:
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 Relevant information: Taken with my pentax optio 33L. It's got an illustration function and i thought it would fit excellent here. Not only does this battlefield look surreal, but everybody knows WWII was a surreal thing ,and the book   only makes that feeling stronger. Being born in this side of Europe makes you grow up with war stories so i really enjoyed al those stories about those young men from America, England, Australie who came to save us. And this book learns that even in war, the biggest friendships can be born. It also made me think, would you give your life in case of war like the men did in WWII? I think less people would ,cause we evolved into an ego-society. Too bad, but thats evolution i guess.  

Suggestions for further homework assignments:
not really
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