The Emperor of Ice Cream (emotivating) wrote in photo_mayhem,
The Emperor of Ice Cream

Open Assignment: Number Zero-One

This assignment is open to all members who have completed their initial homework task.

Power Animal (Assignment Theme):

Most people strive to attain individuality. But near everyone follows the crowd.

Take a photo that juxtaposes the true individual amongst the mass. Do not focus on either the crowd or the character alone. Try to achieve equilibrium between the two forces; that which compels and one which rebels.

Due Date: 12:00 midday, Monday the 18th of July

Assignment Guidelines and

When you have finished the assignment, post it in a new entry in this
community. As per the initial assignment, try to include relevant
information and a description of the reasoning behind your submission.

As this is an assignment open to multiple members, you should try and do
something completely different to everyone else. Try to interpret the
assignment topic in some way that is personal to you, and see it in a way
which is unlikely that another member will.

If you would like any more information on this assignment, either refer to
the assignment section of the community
information page
, or post a reply here.

We wish you all the best of luck with this one.


bitspike and myself.
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