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Open Assignment: Number Zero-Two

This assignment is open to all members who have completed an initial assignment.

Assignment Theme:

Part One:

If there was no way for us to improve, to grow, to learn... there would be nothing for us to aim for.

Show a way which you feel your life to be lacking.

Part Two:

Popular culture is defined by society as a whole.  Ethics, morals, and even beauty are similar in this regard... but there is no reason for you to automatically adopt these traits, these tastes, as your own.

Capture an image of something accepted in society, that you can not understand or agree with.

Part Three:

Something from your childhood which you can never experience again.

Due Date:

Please have your assignments submitted by 23:59 Monday, 29 August (your own local time) so we can begin discussion and reflection on each entry.

Assignment Guidelines and Suggestions:

Restructuring the assignment layout, there are more options available for you to play with in whatever way you choose.  You may post more than one image, you may capture more than one topic in a photo, or you may even concentrate on a small part that interests you more.

As usual, the interpretation is completely flexible and up to you.

When you have finished the assignment, post it in a single new entry in this community.  As per the initial assignment, try to include relevant information and a description of the reasoning behind your submission.

As this is an assignment open to multiple members, you should aim to submit something completely original.  Try to interpret the assignment topic in some way that is personal to you, and see it in a way which is unlikely that another member will.

If you would like any more information on this assignment, either refer to the assignment section of the community information page, or post a reply here.

We wish you all the best of luck.
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