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Welcome to Photo_Mayhem:

The first rule of Photo_Mayhem is: You must promote Photo_Mayhem.
The second rule of Photo_Mayhem is: You must promote Photo_Mayhem.
Third rule of Photo_Mayhem: Someone joins, posts info, submits an assignment, they are a member.
Fourth rule: Only one assignment to a photo.
Fifth rule: Photos must be specifically taken for an assignment.
Sixth rule: No flaming, no unapproved advertising
Seventh rule: lj-cut posts may go on for as long as they have to.
... And the eighth, and final rule: If you just joined Photo_Mayhem, you have to post.


The reason behind this community is simple: There are many people who have a hard time finding motivation or incentive to go out and do something creative.  Photo_Mayhem is a place where members, through their work on assignments, can find new reason to express themselves through a photographic art form.

Photo_Mayhem is run by two Sydney University students.  They have developed this community as an avenue to not just encourage, but to drive artistic expression.  The format adopted is an echo of that which appears in Chuck Palahniuk's minimalist novel: Fight Club.

There are no competitions, no membership rejections, no scores... just creative discussion on individual interpretations, techniques, styles and ideas.

... and hopefully, an opportunity to do something out of character.

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If I could wake up in a different place, at a different time, could I wake up as a different person?

Current Open Assignment: (Link to the post)

Part One:

If there was no way for us to improve, to grow, to learn... there would be nothing for us to aim for.

Show a way which you feel your life to be lacking.

Part Two:

Popular culture is defined by society as a whole. Ethics, morals, and even beauty are similar in this regard... but there is no reason for you to automatically adopt these traits, these tastes, as your own.

Capture an image of something accepted in society, that you can not understand or agree with.

Part Three:

Something from your childhood which you can never experience again.

Due: 23:59 Monday, 29 August (your own local time).

Current Member Status:

    Jack - emotivating
    Tyler - bitspike

Full Members:
    0samurai0 (initial submission)
    emotivating (initial submission)
    fishnumber641 (initial submission)
    gazzo (initial submission)
    hecticred (initial submission)
    notasnowflake3 (initial submission)
    object001 (initial submission)
    pezkid346 (initial submission)
    something_pure (initial submission)

Pending Members: (members on first assignment)
    _holistic (link)
    bitspike (link)
    c_rat (link)
    genypher_qotu (link)
    indiandtherarr (link)
    itsybitsyguitsy (link)
    iwoulddieforcky (link)
    katels (link)
    lucylovebiscuit (link)
    the_anguisette (link)

New Members: (members yet to post an introduction)

New Membership Instructions:

1. Join the community.

2. Once notified of posting access, post the following information in a new entry:

    Tell us why you want to join:
    Tell us where you reside:
    Tell us what you do:
    Tell us where you heard about the community:

3. You will then be contacted with a homework task.  Upon its completion, post the following in a new entry:

    The homework assignment:
    Your photographic submission:
    Relevant information: (Description of equipment, process, obstacles etc...)
    Suggestions for further homework assignments:

4. Once this is done, you will be able to participate in all other assignments.

Assignment Information:

There are three types of homework assignments.

Initial Assignment:

The initial assignment is the assignment you are allocated once you join.  These initial tasks are set to push you, not always in a purely artistic way.  With this primary assignment we hope you can gauge what Photo_Mayhem is about.

There will be no score, no criticism, no ranking.  There are no membership rejections and there is no competition.  This is pure, untainted expression.

You are free to participate in other assignments, only when an initial homework task has been completed.

Open Assignment: (fortnightly)

Moderators will decide on an open assignment each fortnight for any interested members to take part in.  For this we will supply your power animal (theme) and the deadline.

Individual Assignment: (fortnightly)

This is where members get the chance to make up their own assignment parameters.

Moderators will post an entry asking for any members wanting to take part in the next individual assignment 'round'.  If a member is interested, they will reply with a homework assignment 'suggestion' of their own, which will not be visible to other members.

Once the deadline is up, assignment suggestions will be reviewed, changed, or added to, to make sure the workload is even.  The moderators will then post an entry, listing the assignments allocated to members, and the deadline.

Assignment Submissions: This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time.

Members will submit their assignments by the specified deadline, in their own entries.  This includes the photo, the reasoning behind the submission, and anything else they consider relevant to the assignment.  This will generate individual discussion for each member's submission.

Submissions may not always be strictly completed to the original guidelines.  Members may be able to change an aspect of the requirements, by justifying their reason to.  The emphasis is on doing something creative and giving thought to a given topic, rather than the end result.

Once there has been enough time for discussion after the deadline, moderators will post the post-mortem.  This will conclude the assignment, summarising the meaning behind the topics, and open the air for discussion.

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